3.2 Spec walkthrough.


1-3 hours

What is it?

A meeting to go through the specification document with Developers.

Why do we do it?

Rather than just handing over our work, we must walk everyone through what we’ve done.

This is so that if anything is missing or there are any questions, they can be discussed. This also opens the conversation between Designers and Developers so that continued progress on the work is open.

You can have as many walkthroughs/sync-ups as needed, as there might be further questions. I like to set up weekly or biweekly sync-ups with my team on projects to catch up on where we’re all at.

How do we do it?

Who should be there?

All of the platform Developers that will work on this.


This is a reasonably informal session; be sure to share the spec doc before the meeting so everyone can review it beforehand.

Example agenda —

  1. Walkthrough of the component spec doc
  2. Any questions


  • Alignment of final designs and specs and next steps.

Hot tips

Be sure to share your file before the session so that everyone has an opportunity to have their questions ready. Don't forget to give everyone view access to comment on the file.