1.4 Research sync.


1 hour

What is it?

A meeting to share your research with everyone and align.

Why do we do it?

This session is to keep everyone on the journey, highlight anything you may have missed in our research, and flag anything we should further explore as part of the research for this component.

Things to prepare

A research findings presentation, with considered explanations on where they do and don’t work in your product context.

Example presentation

  • External examples
    • In isolation and product context
  • Best practices
  • Accessibility considerations
  • Next steps

Who should be there?

The same people in as your kickoff.

Example agenda

  1. Research presentation
  2. Questions and feedback from the group
  3. Next steps


  • Follow-up questions to investigate
  • Any additional information/ideas that come out of the session
  • A starting point for design

Hot tips

Depending on the project size, you might do this work as part of the audit phase and share it all simultaneously.